Fasfold Slitter/Folder Controller

  • Maximise Performance
  • Increased Production
  • Increased Profits
  • Low Cost
  • From just AUD$9000
  • Can be fitted to most Slitter Folders
  • Operators absolutely love it!
  • Backguages up to 10m Available
  • Large 15" Touchscreen
  • Integrated or standalone safety systems available

Slitter Folder Controller Animation
Touchscreen Profile Entry
  • Whether you are a production or a jobbing shop, Fasfold saves you lots of setup time. If you do one offs, quickly draw your profile up in quickdraw
  • Quickdraw lets you draw up profile lightning fast
  • Simply touch on the corners and the profile appears
  • Simply touch on the dimension on the graphic image and enter the new angle or length on the popup keypad
Quickdraw Flashings
Folding Simulations
  • Easy Job Selection
  • Select existing jobs from the library
  • Give the job a name and save for future use. A virtually unlimited number of jobs can be saved
  • Jobs can be downloaded from the office.
  • If necessary, each operator can have his own password with his own job library.
  • Simulate the folding sequence on the screen very easily to allow you to:
    • Play around with bend sequences to find the quickest fold sequence
    • Change certain folds from front to rear to find easier methods
  • Download the job and start running it.
Job Previews
Integrated Diagnostics
  • Diagnostics can be done very easily. Any device on the folder whether it is a switch, solenoid valve, motor or encoder will produce an error message if it is in fault. Within minutes all devices can be tested and faults found
  • More reliable A system that is not supposed to break down but if it does, it must be quick and easy to fix without costing an arm and a leg
  • Backguages up to 10m available
Slitter Folder Backgauge

Slitter Folder Backgauge

Slitter Folder Controller
Servo Electric Panbrake Folder
Servo Electric
Panbrake Folder

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