Fasroll Rollformer Controllers

Wide variety of Rollformer Control system options to suit every need…..

  • Programmable via colour touch screen – fast & easy
  • Load new jobs via Barcode scanner
  • Import CAD info from the office server
  • Fully integrated metal frame construction system for houses, sheds, door frames, garage doors, shelving etc. Design the structure in CAD in the office, download batches to one or more Rollformers on the floor. - handling orders, bill of materials final packaging etc.

Rollformer Animation
Rollformer Controller
  • Fully modular - start with a very basic system and upgrade later
  • Fitted to newly manufactured rollformers or retrofit to existing machines.
  • We can supply the control systems above to existing electrical control systems or do an integrated control from scratch including the rollformer vsd/drive, uncoiler vsd/drive, measuring wheel, safety system etc.
  • Can be exported to anywhere in the world as a fully integrated system or licenced software to be integrated into your system.

    Control your rollformers from the office Quickly and Easily

  • Check up on each rollformer's status
  • Queue up New Jobs
  • Check how much work is left to do on each rollformer

Control Rollfomers from the Office

Option 1

We Supply a totally integrated control package commissioned onto your bare Rollformer
indicated in orange and green

Choose one of three options to suit your needs:

Rollformer Option 1
Rollformer Option 2

Option 2

We Supply the PLC control plus the PC touchscreen and office software integrated and commissioned onto your Rollformer
Indicated in orange and green

Option 3

We supply only the control system software and office software integrated and commissioned onto your Rollformer
Option 3
Roof Rollformer C Purlin Rollformer

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