Plate Roller Controllers

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  • Maximise Performance
  • Increased Production
  • Increased Profits
  • Low Cost
  • From just AUD$9000
  • Can be fitted to most Plate Rollers
  • Operators absolutely love it!
  • Large 15" Touchscreen
    Quick & Easy to draw 3 ways to enter a job:

  • Put in length (left column) and angle second column It works out the radius (last column) and set the depth of the rollers.
  • Put in Radius & angle it will calculate and run the right length
  • Put in the length and the radius

  • For a combination of flats and radii, enter the length and zero angle for the flat parts
  • Easy to enter data on the large popup keypad...

  • When a profile has been entered, press the View Rolling button to step through the rolling sequence.

  • Jobs can have a varying radius...

  • Basic profiles can be drawn on Quickdraw.
  • Jobs can be saved or loaded from the hard drive

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