Ducting machine

We design and build machines for special applications
from ducting machines to packaging machines.

Below is a ducting machine that is designed to roll and fold a ducting segment quick and easy.

The ducting machine makes complete the segments as follows:

1. The material is fed into the rollformer stage.
2. The rollformer punches the cutouts in the duct.
3. The rollformer forms the duct.
4. The material is fed into the folder.
5. The folder folds the duct into shape.

Sizes from 150X150 to over 600X 600 are programmed and downloaded from the touch screen.

duct picture duct picture
duct picture Rotating Material
Material Sideways Wide Angle View

duct picture About to Grip
Vacuum duct picture
duct picture Material Gripped
Finished Shelf Video

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